Customized Intralogistics

Reliable Fulfillment Processes

contenta has precisely what your branch needs for efficient processes in warehousing, picking and commissioning, shipment and customs clearance, returns management, billing, IT and value-added service. By constantly controlling our processes we guarantee that process costs are ideal at all times. Find out more about our service offerings here.

Multi-user warehouse

What we have in stock

Our modern multi-user warehouse lets us professionally implement sophisticated logistics processes for several customers - and always takes your individual requirements into account. From goods-in processing to warehousing and disposal: our focus is on smooth processes, the greatest possible efficiency along the entire process chain and constant quality assurance. This is also our motivation in the handling of batch and serial numbers.

Spare part logistics

Optimally equipped at all times

With short cycle times, optimized service processes, separate quality checks and the rapid connection to all means of transport we guarantee the availability of your spares - 24/7, 365 days per year. Worldwide.

Picking and Commissioning

Flexible and reliable with Pick-by-Light

Efficient process cycles and constant quality assurance are important to us. This is why we rely on our modern pick-by-light system for picking and commissioning of small parts: fast picking processes, preventive error detection by means of weight checks, short cycle times and transparent data transfer is the result. Our high standards of quality are also applied to packaging and dispatch.


Easy delivery worldwide

Whether marine cargo, air freight, transport by rail or road: to ensure that your goods always find their way to the customer by the fastest route possible, we deliver precisely according to your specifications - even internationally. To do so, we have for years relied on our network of service partners, which includes e.g. Trans-o-flex and DHL. The optimum site of our logistics location lets us feed fairly late into the piece and parcel networks.

Customs Clearance

Service without borders

As an international logistics service provider, we naturally also handle import and export clearance for you and your customers.


Transparent items

So that you and we always have a comprehensive overview of services rendered and open items, we guarantee rapid and uncomplicated invoicing.


Easy reversal

In times of constantly growing e-commerce, efficient processing of customer returns is becoming more and more important - and more and more complicated. So that you have more time to focus on what's important, we gladly take over your operational and administrative returns management.

IT Competence

In-house IT competence

Without comprehensive IT competence nothing can go on in logistics today. This is why we have our IT specialists directly on site. This means smooth operations, efficient processes and a high degree of data transparency - from notification to warehouse and master data management to tracking. Our experts also implement individual interface customizations and the link to the ESÜDRO AG web shop.


contenta – more service for you

Can we offer you a bit more? Whether suitable and efficient packing solutions, special and advertising medium campaigns such as e.g. displays and blister pack for the optimum presentation of your goods, after-sales service and kitting/set assembly: our experienced staff addresses your individual wishes - talk to us!


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